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T.H.E.M. ( THEM ) Thee Human Ego Maniacs is Justin Nylander & Christiana Eastman. New CD album T.H.E.M. SKIN & previous CD album T.H.E.M. BANG in stores and at itunes.com and napster.com now,T.H.E.M. SKIN features the first single "Killer". T.H.E.M. "Killer" video can be seen on MTV's Logo network and at clubs / bars that play music videos. You can also view the videos for T.H.E.M. "Killer" , T.H.E.M. "Let Me See Your Underwear", and T.H.E.M. "Here We Go" at myspace and youtube. T.H.E.M. BANG CD album features "Let Me See Your Underwear",an electro / electroclash cover of Apolonia 6 "Sex Shooter","Here We Go ( The Blow Up Version )",an electro cover of Bananarama "The Wild Life", "There Goes My Heart Again" & more. T.H.E.M. SKIN features "Killer", "Beautiful", "My Promise","Happy", "Come To This",and a cover of Grace Jones "Pull Up To My Bumper" Buy T.H.E.M. now at t-h-e-m.com / electrovenus.com / amazon.com / itunes.com / napster.com and many more. Watch the T.H.E.M."Killer" video at MTV's Logo network website logoonline.com / logo network is a cool channel devoted to gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender lifestyles. T.H.E.M. Photography by Randall Michelson & Ryan Prado